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Ngagyur Nyingmapa by Shartul Rinpoche (download .doc)

Author's Foreword and Aspirations

In this degenerate time when the teachings of the Buddha is diminishing, I am simply named Tulku Dhamchoe as the 3rd reincarnate of the 1st Shartul Karma Odsel Rangdrol, the main student of 5th Nyidrak Terton Phende Gyatso. Although, I do not have any qualities of listening, contemplation and realization, and lack intelligence and education, yet, I hold strongly onto this tiny pure motivation. While this untarnished golden lineage of series of Nyidrak Tertons and Shartul is alive in this century, I feel the responsibility to hold, spread and flourish the pristine breath profound teachings of the Dharma King Nyidrak Terton; the life force of the glorious Guru Padmakara, and the heart-essence of all Mother Dakinis and wisdom-holders. Therefore, I have totally decided and dedicated to serve the dharma and undertake any challenges and hardships. So I have eventually arrived in the noble land India.

On the great opportunity and occasion to meet His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, he compassionately instructed me with great kindness that if the lineage of such profound and special teaching were to come to an end it would be a great loss for all sentient beings and especially to those who wish to swiftly accomplish the state of omniscience. He asked me to provide and preserve these precious teachings and to be careful in this difficult time. His Holiness also suggested that together with the 7th Nyidrak Tulku, I should lead and take care of this precious lineage. Therefore, I have taken the responsibility to overlook the training and proper education of the 7th Nyidrak Tulku.

For this purpose I have planned to build a monastery near Tso Pema, in Bir in Mandi District of Himachal Pardesh, India. This place is located about 50 kilometers from Dharamsala. It is a beautiful place where the summer is cool and winter is mild. This place is endowed with conveniences, peaceful and isolated, a place where meditation naturally develops, a blessed and fortunate place which is situated in front of high mountains, with green hills and valleys surrounded by beautiful trees and forests.

The land was given by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. In addition I purchased more land. Altogether the site is approximately 4 acres. On this property, a main shrine will be built, a dormitory for 150 monks, a kitchen and a food hall, a retreat center with 20 cabins and guest houses. In brief, a facility to accommodate 250 monks.
Education and Training:
Tibetan language and grammar, computer, poetry and composition, astrology, calligraphic and English language will be taught as basic monastic education. Higher Buddhist philosophy will be taught in Shedra – Buddhist College, and Drubdra – Meditation Center. Generally, monastery and Buddhist College are the source for preserving, spreading and flourishing Buddha’s teaching and realization. And listening, contemplating and meditating, teaching, discussing and composing and so on are the special field where the priceless qualities of temporal benefit and ultimate happiness develop.
Finally, one of most important reasons for building this monastery is to preserve, spread and flourish the profound teachings of the great Terton Nyima Drakpa, and to educate the young generation of the 21st century.

With this aim, I, the 3rd Shartul reincarnate, Dhamchoe Gyatso, to fulfill the command and wishes of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and the above mentioned plan of sublime motivation, request your support and financial help to accomplish this.


Shakyamuni Buddha

Guru Rinpoche
1st Terton Nyima Drakpa Rinpoche
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